Tools & Technology


  • The basic idea of the app was to provide a¬†platform where a user can send messages, pictures, files, and voice notes with others in organization hierarchy
  • All members in same hierarchy, considered in a single group.
  • Survey, Pooling, Election, Decision Group can be initiated.
  • A server is used to store all the (encrypted) messages
  • End to End Encryption
  • All the operation need to perform in controlled and secured environment.
  • Facility of One to One and Broadcast messaging


  • Implement a chatting application
  • Facility to send Text, Audio and Video messages
  • Facility of attachment of images and pdf file
  • 132 bit End-to-end encryption is also introduced to enhance security
  • Facility to create survey and pooling
  • This application will set up an infrastructure on AWS ecosystem (AWS RDS, S3)
  • All the SMS data store in the database.


Chatting Application