Automatic information exchange with internal and external systems

Modern businesses use multiple digital applications and systems to communicate internally between employees and departments, as well as externally with customers, partners, government agencies, and suppliers.

EPESYS PVT Limited assists its clients by offering application integration services that enable automatic sharing of relevant information between these stakeholders by linking various digital systems together.

EPESYS’ application integration experts help your organization make more complete use of your business information to avoid “swivel-chair integration” and accelerate time to market. Your team members will spend less time managing isolated computer software systems and web applications, allowing them to pursue tasks that offer real business value.


Application integration helps you…

Boost Efficiency

Process orders, generate reports, and make decisions without costly delays

Reduce Costs

Quickly centralize and unify business information without allocating team members and significant resources

Ensure Accuracy

Share precise, error-free business information with authorized users across departments, business functions, and partner organizations

Monetize Information Exchange

Create new revenue streams and establish API ecosystems that promote services driven by your business data

The value of EPESYS PVT .LTD application integration

Cross-Platform Expertise

We take a platform-agnostic approach to integration, which allows us to recommend the best integration platform and technology stack for your specific set of business needs.

Modern Skills and Methods

EPESYS’ integration professionals apply modern integration techniques to create efficient, easy-to-maintain data exchange systems that maximize return on your IT investments.


Continuous Improvement

Our experts monitor and assess your integration workloads, detect changes in requirements, and proactively recommend performance optimizations.


Integration methods to power your organization

Point-to-Point Integration

Connect pairs of applications directly

Service-Oriented Architecture

Share information efficiently across many formats and systems

Enterprise Service Bus & Microservices

Agile integration services that can be scaled and updated independently


Core services that move information payloads reliably

Open APIs

Integrate with external parties using secure, monetizable, easy-to-manage technology

Offline Integration

Batch transfers best suited for poor connectivity or low workloads